Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Wanna know what I did last night?

OK, so last night's chemistry class was brought to you by the math department.
You have NO idea how much math we did. Three hours of math.
OH. MY. G*D.
Metrics and measurements...convert kilos to pounds, grams to miligrams, litres to kilolitres etcetera, etcetera. Temperature and measurements...convert Celcious to Kelvin to Fahrenheight. Percentage Error...accepted value minus experimental value devided by accepted value times 100. Oh and the most fun part...the Scientific Notation. It's all about the decimal point. I won't bore you with the details.
I am so tired.
I REALLY hope I can get this.
Can we go back to the Periodic Table? I ROCK the table!
One cool thing...a new student who attends high school during the day (grade 12) sat beside me and was able to explain things in a way I could understand. I pick her to be my lab partner! LOL!
These 2 atoms walk into a bar. One atom bumps into another and says, "Hey, I think I lost an electron!" The other atom says, "Are you sure?" He answers, "Yeah. I'm positive."
A little chem humour.
Did I mention I'm so tired?


Just Kim said...

What a big night, no wonder you're tired :D. Sounds like you found a promising lab partner.

Thanh Vo said...

There is no hope, you WILL get it ;)

Kataroo said...

man your bringing back memories :) LOL NIGHTMARES :)

Rachel said...

BAHAHAHA... love this entry Mich!!!


Anonymous said...

I think i know who that grade twelve was...lol ;P -Mesha