Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Check This Out!

Alex has got music on her blog! I've got to learn how to do that!
PS...if ANYONE can tell me/show me how to add links IN my posts, I would really appreciate it. Everytime I type in an address (http://www.sillybirds.blogspot.com/ for example) it will not become a link. Why not? So frustrating!

PS...thanks so much bloghore for teaching me how to insert links!


Anonymous said...

When you are typing a post, above the screen you will see a little button that looks sort of like a paper clip (if you run your mouse over it, you should see the word link pop up). When you click on it, a window will pop up with a space for you to type in the address. What I do is, for example, if you simply typed "Sillybird" in your post, highlighted it and then clicked on the link key, typed in the address you want to link to - the word "Sillybird" will turn into a link. I hope that makes sense. I could easily come over and show you....but 'splaining it is a whole different thing!

michelle sturgeon said...

Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you! I can hardly wait to try this!