Sunday, July 27, 2008

Castaways Crop

Oh, how much fun did I have Saturday afternoon, scrapping with my Castaways! It had been so long since I was able to meet with them! And I will be saving up for our NavCan weekend in October, ladies! As soon as I pay off my Convention trip! LOL!
So I am in love, LOVE I say, with this Bella Rose paper from SU! And the level 2 hostess set with the gingerbread men, OMG! So cute! I made these 2 cards yesterday, but I have to say I really like the second one...warmest wishes! (cuz it's a gingerbread man...from the oven...get it?)
Yep, I'm crazy like that!

Only 2 more days til I am on that plane headed for convention in gorgeous Salt Lake City! I am just a little bit excited! LOL! So many plans...I will be meeting my roomie Dawn at the Chicago airport as it just so happens we are on the same flight! We have never met before. Then we will both meet Angela, our other roomie, once we get to the Homewood Suites. There are many parties and get-togethers planned outside of the classes and workshops and events that SU has planned, so I will be back with many photos!

Saturday, July 19, 2008


LOVE this paper-it's the same paper I used for the Sam Rocks page.
This is my neice's baby, Ethan. He is just over one year old. I met him at my neice's wedding a couple of weeks ago. He is very cute and funny! See that black and white photo of him? I have a pic somewhere of his mom and she looks just like that! I want to do a page with a side by side of both pics...assoon as I findit! LOL! I sold 4 more boxes of cards today-for 120.00. That's half my room at Salt Lake City. If I can sell another 4 boxes, or individual cards, and make another 120.00, my room AND my flight will have been paid for by selling cards since Mother's Day! How cool would that be!
(Hey, anybody need cards? LOL!)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

camping fun

The scan came out crooked-ack!
This was another DT project. I used my friend Michelle's pictures because they camp and we don't! LOL! Plus the subject matter isa so darn cute! She takes great photos, too.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

French birthday card

At my job, a calendar is circulated every month. On the calendar is listed every employee's birthday. I have made a card for every birthday since I began March 10, whether I know the employee or not. So far they have been well recieved.
This card is for a colleague in one of our french queues. I do not know her, well except someone pointed her out to me and said, "that's her." so I know who to give the card to, LOL!
The sentiment translates into, "Birthday Wishes". Her birthday is tomorrow, so I hope she likes it! With convention only 3 weeks away, I have been very busy with my swaps etc...and very negligent in my blog visits. I do apologize, but I promice to visit you all soon!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sam Rocks

This was created for my design team. I LOVE this paper! I used the SU star punches to mimic the stars in the paper.