Sunday, March 18, 2007

Disaster fixed...almost.

Well, we spent the weekend trying to fix a project that went horribly wrong. See, I thought the day care space would look much better with the wallpaper stripped and the walls painted. Only problem was the paper would not peel off because the niblets who installed the drywall did not prime it before hanging the wallpaper.
Long story short, we needed to fix the walls. We bought some cheap pannelling, installed it backwards (so the walls are white...not fake wood-grain), then filled in any seams with drywall putty, sanded and smotthed and it is now ready to paint. That will happen next weekend.
Everything has been vaccuumed, cleaned, put back and looks just like it should-ready for children tomorrow morning.
So a pretty sucky weekend overall.


Lauren said...

Oh my!

I detest the wallpaper removal process.

I hope you were ready for the kids and I'm sure it will look great!

Just Kim said...

wow, that is a creative idea to fix things quick, I never would have thought of it,