Friday, July 20, 2012

Convention...Awards Night

Awards Night is a convention highlight. We get to recognize those who earned milestones, and awards within the company. Cynthia Millan is a demo from Ottawa who, in her first year, has earned: Rising Star (only one in Canada this year!), Achiever's Bonus, Grand Vacation, and Founder's Circle. This is HUGE! Earlier today, she asked if I would be her guest for awards night, and sit with her in the reserved seating. Here she is having walked on stage for Achiever's.

This is the exclusive Founder's Circle bag.

 Here are 2 fellow demos from Ottawa, Melissa and her downline Alice, both looking GORGEOUS!

 Here I am with the MEN of SU! I am between KevinTheesen and Dennis Cochran, and I do not remember the third gentleman's name.

Kay Smith texting her daughter Marlayne to let her know ahe is #2 in CANADA!
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Marlayne said...

Michelle I love that photo of Mom!! Thanks for posting it. I feel like I was there in spirit :)

Loved chatting with you yesterday.