Friday, August 10, 2007

New Blogger Featured Artist (9-10, 2007)

Ok, you guys are in for a treat! Your eyes will be amazed! Grab a cup of coffe or tea, sit, relax and enjoy!
As you know, the New Blogger Featured Artsist is somrthing I try to do every Friday. I feel it is important to showcase new bloggers who are extremely talented and are not geting the attention they deserve! Like todays featured artist...Leena Lo from Singapore.
Leena has been blogging since April 2007.Holy WOW, her altered projects and scrapbook pages are gorgeous!

Here is what Leena says about herself: "I am a highly independant woman. Rainer & Ethan are 2 of the most important men in my life. I love & cherish my family & friends. I love my girls, Belle & Piggie. And most of all, I absolutely LOVE life!"
Her love of life, family and friends show up in her beautiful scrapbook pages. Please take a moment and check out Leena's blog, Truly, Madly, Deeply.


Unknown said...

Those pages are amazing, off to check her out, thanks for the link.

Maria said...

I'm just starting to scrapbook and oh, wow. . Leena's work is fabulous! Thank you for sharing her blog site with us. I'm for sure going to check it out!


Leena said...

Michelle, I feel so honoured to be your Featured Artist! I'm so glad you like my work & I hope I can share my passion for scrapbooking with everyone else. Thank you so much again!!

Risa said...

Her work is awesome!!!!!!