Thursday, August 9, 2007

How sweet are you?

Flossie thinks I'm sweet! She tagged me, and now I will tag 5 other bloggers who I think are sweet and kind!
-Simone (Spazzgirl)
-Maria (Card Inspired)
-Nancy (INKcicles)
-Malieta (Life's Simple Pleasures)
-Barb (Scrappin' Barb)


Anonymous said...

Aaaaaaw... you're making me blush. Thanks for that, Michelle. :)

Mrs. Nancy G said...

Thank you Michelle for the tag. Can I tag you back now?! You girl are a definite sweetie!

Unknown said...

Me?!! Sweet?
Wow, I don't hear that too often. LOL
Thanks Michelle, I think YOU are the sweet one.

Maria said...

Is that me? Oh wow Michelle thank you. You are so kind to think of me! Well you are definitely sweet and deserving of the tag!!


Deborah said...

ah look - you've already got one ( should have scrolled down first - shouldn't I ) LOL. Oh well, you can have two. :)