Saturday, July 19, 2008


LOVE this paper-it's the same paper I used for the Sam Rocks page.
This is my neice's baby, Ethan. He is just over one year old. I met him at my neice's wedding a couple of weeks ago. He is very cute and funny! See that black and white photo of him? I have a pic somewhere of his mom and she looks just like that! I want to do a page with a side by side of both pics...assoon as I findit! LOL! I sold 4 more boxes of cards today-for 120.00. That's half my room at Salt Lake City. If I can sell another 4 boxes, or individual cards, and make another 120.00, my room AND my flight will have been paid for by selling cards since Mother's Day! How cool would that be!
(Hey, anybody need cards? LOL!)


Anonymous said...

What a fun page and a cute baby!

Congrats on selling the cards... good luck selling the rest. I wish I could buy some cards, but with my HUGE stash of supplies, I'd feel terribly guilty buying and not making my own. :P

Crafty Connie said...

Great layout!

You rock on the card sales. I hope that you sell more and get your trip "expense free".

Risa said...

Your layout is beautiful Michelle and what a handsome baby! My baby boy has the same name...Ethan..isn't that cool or what?! Great job on selling 4 boxes of cards and at such a great price...rock on!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Michelle, your scrapbook pages has been AWESOME lately...(well... they always ARE!)

I love the mix of patterns and colors...makes me want to start scrapping again!