Wednesday, July 4, 2007

New catalogue Wishlist!

Julia at Belle Papier posted her wishlist and wanted to see ours! Here's mine!
(keep in mind I already have Baroque Motifs)

Must have NOW!
-Batty for you and Batty wheel (p.27)
-Mistletoe wheel (p.40)
-Big Bold Birthday (p.13)
-Wanted (p.88)
-Bronc Buster and Bronco wheel (p.89)
-So Swirly wheel (p.117)
-Wild West alphabet (p.157)
-Outlaw paper (p.170)
-Borders and Blossoms chipboard (p.178)
-Jumbo Eyelets in Antique Brass (p.189)
-Stampin' Stack'n'Store (p.193)

Must have LATER!
-Block Party (p.38)
-All About Christmas wheel (p.39)
-Holiday Blitz (p.63)
-Bundle of Joy (p.81)
-Jumbo Outline alphabet (p.156)
-Cutie Pie paper (p.173)
-Round Up Simply Scrappin Kit (p.176)
-Scallop Punch (p.183)
-Star Punch (p.183)
-Crop-a-Dial (p.189)

As for Hostess sets, I'm not crazy about the level 1 this year. I love In The Spotlight, Garden Silhouettes and Word on Word (level 2) and Happy Me Scrappin' Bundle and All About Gratitude (level 3).


Anonymous said...

You have been a busy poster! I was not as impressed by the new catty as I was thinking I would be. Some of that is probably because I have found so many NEW companies to spend my money on...there are only two or three sets I will probably get. I do LOVE all of the designer paper though...I have over 100$ worth of it on my list!

Maria said...

Wow that's a long list of "wants". . .haha! I have my own long list of "wants" too. Now all I have to do is to find the money to buy them.

Happy Independence Day!


Kitty said...

Im guessing you like the new catty then lol!

My list is pretty long too!

Ive tagged you :) See my blog for more info!