Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My Final Exam!

Well, this was my last chenistry class. I'm going to miss it. I wrote my final exam. When everyone was done and left the class, I went back in and asked Mr. Kfoury if he could mark my exam so I could see my mark (cause I had a feeling I got a good mark!)Well, I ended up getting 86% on the exam (5 wrong answers) and a final grade of 93% I am very pleased!
So my adventure in night school is over. I hope Mr. Kfoury is still here in September (he's thinking of moving to France) and he teaches Biology, cause I would love to take his class again!


Spot-On said...

oh you did a GREAT job on the sketch! love the colors and the stamps! TFS!

Alhambra Club said...

Congratulations on your grade. I was a Business Major so did not have to take Chemistry, good thing as I don't think I would every pass it.

Deborah said...

Awesome scores there for Chemistry. Well done~!!

ps. I received your card today. Thank you so much. :)

I've popped it on my blog - hope you don't mind.

Cathy Rulli said...

Congrats!!! I'm also responding to a question you left on my blog!!! The boot stamp you asked about is from DRS Designs,

Thanks for visiting!! Glad I could visit you!!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME WORK Michelle!! I am SO PROUD of you going back to school. You are one smart cookie!!! Chemistry is tough!!

Thanks so much for the card - I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!