Thursday, December 14, 2006

Miracle on 49 Frost Street

OK, so it's an avenue, not a street, but it's the only way this title would work!
Monday, we had to euthanize our 16 year old cat Bob. She had cancer...a large tumour behind her eye. We were very sad by this.
While waiting for my day care kids at the bus stop, I was talking to my neighbor, Anna. I told her about Bob. I also mentioned that a couple of months ago, we lost our hamster Marshall. She asked me what he looked like. "Well, he's a teddy bear hamster, white and gold, long hair..." She said, "A couple of months ago, we found a guinea pig or something on our front lawn. He's been living quite happily in our bathtub."
I thought, no way. Ther's no way my tiny Marshall could have survived walking down my street, across the street, over to her house. But when my husband came home, I asked him to go check it out...just in case.
Well, he comes home, tears in his eyes, with our tiny ball of fur. I cannot believe it! It's Marshall!
So, on the day we had to say good-bye to our beloved Bob, we got to welcome home our Miracle Marshall.


Barbara said...

so sorry to hear about Bob. I'm sure that it must be difficult for you.

Glad to hear that the hamster made it back home safe and sound.

Anonymous said...

Wow... that's a miracle alright!!! I can't believe it... I'd hear about something like that in the papers and I'd say... no way... they're making it up! LOL

I'm happy that you have got your little fur ball back with you at least. I'm sorry for your cat Michelle. :(

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your cat, Michelle. :(

But wow, I cannot believe your hamster has been found, alive and well. That's a great story, and you know, you should really scrap this one! :)

michelle sturgeon said...

Oh, yeah, I'll be scrapping it!