Friday, July 20, 2012

Lost count of what day this is.

What day is today? Friday? I've lost track.
While standing in line for general session this morning, I saw Ronda Wade. We look good!

 This is Kerry Waterman, on Kay's team from Newfoundland. She is stunning! and we agreed we are both going to San Diego next year! That is where the weekend getaway is.

A Hallowe'en swap...sorry if this is a repeat pic...I have lost track of everything! I even missed my WOW card swap yesterday :(

Tonight, I have a MDS class. I will try to take pics of swaps, and what I won from Prize Patrol! (I have won every convention I've been to). Also, I have exciting news to share!
Sorry I do not have a Fun and Fabulous to share this Friday...but these Hallowe'en treats are cute!

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