Friday, January 11, 2013

Sea World photos-tons of fun!

Stampin' Up! Leadership in Orlando Florida officially begins on Friday, so today I went to Sea World! I had an amazing time. I have never been on a rollercoaster before, but today I rode the Manta THREE times! and then I rode the Kraken THREE times! I am very proud of myself. I also saw all the shows and my favourite was the Animal Theatre which featured rescued cats, dogs, ducks, birds and even a pig. So far, i am loing Orlando!

Sea World entrance


The Manta rollercoaster

Manta Coaster

Manta Coaster

Aquarium-gorgeous fish

Clyde and Seymore Pirate Adventure

Animal Theatre stage

More fish

Shark Tunnel-dozens of sharks!

Manta Ray!

Tonight was Manager's Reception at Harry Potter Universal Studios. Unfortunately, no photos because my camers malfunctioned. I also rode all the rides there, including the rollercoasters!
I wish I had photos-it was amazing there.
More from Leadership tomorrow!

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