Wednesday, August 4, 2010

More Convention Photos

This post is for Tyler, who I think still reads my blog, but if not, maybe Maureen or Rachel can direct him here? :)
See these next 2 photos? The ones with the guys in them? Those are demonstrators. Sure, the first one, Spencer, he works at Stampin'Up, but he's also a demonstrator.
The second photo...that's Kevin. He's been a demonstrator for 15 years. See all that bling on his lanyard? Those are pins from past conventions, leadership, promotions, etc...that's a lot of bling. Also, Kevin's son is now a demonstrator, too.
And finally, that's Max. Yep, he's a dog. His human is a demonstrator and she comes to every convention with Max. He's the most photographed male in the place!

So, Tyler, if you want to come to convention with me next year, and be treated like a GOD, (as the male demonstators are), then let's talk! I've got a starter kit with your name on it! :)


Sandi said...

How cute Michelle! And, yep, I'm talking about the dog. But, you are right about the guys getting a lot of attention at Convention. I have to be honest when saying I didn't realize there were more guys than I thought.

Beth Adams said...

Lucky you, you went to the convention. Was this your first time?