Thursday, March 4, 2010

In the "I need to use this more often" category...

I haven't used this robot set since I made my display board samples with it last year! But I needed to create cards for a Mommy and Me class, so out came the robot set.
I practiced with the little boy that comes to me after school...he made this one. I learned that the aluminum foil can be a little tricky for tiny gets crinkled when handled too roughly. So I think after the kids run the big shot, I'll get the moms to pull it off and set it on the card base.
So...I still cannot get the pictures to load off my memory card...but I hear Caroline has posted updates and photos on her Stampin'Palooza blog, so you can head on over there to check them out if you want. After seeing myself in one of the photos, I've decided this short haircut with no bangs looks hideous on me, and that pink sweatshirt makes me look fat. (yes, it's the SWEATSHIRT that makes me look fat...just nod your head in agreement).

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Crafty Connie said...

Very cute card. Never thought of using aluminum foil for a background. Thanks much for the idea.