Tuesday, August 18, 2009

In New Brunswick

I am sorry I have not posted...I left for NB on Friday to visit family and I am just now able to access a computer that has high speed (relatively speaking). The weather in Moncton is HOT! Luckily my brother has a pool!
They also have a cottage near the shore, so we've been spending time there...zero internet connectivity there, but really, who would want it? (Except maybe blogging fiends that are on vacation and need to keep in touch with their peeps)!
I went to the demo locator to find some fellow stampers because I am going through withdrawl, but unfortunately I was unable to meet up with anyone...too bad. I will be home Thursday night, so Friday, watch out! I am DYING to create so I will have LOTS to post!
See ya, and for those who are able to access their stampin' supplies, think of me while you create!

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Anonymous said...

enjoy the pool, and just letting you know I love your halloween card below ...gonna have to case it I think!!!!