Monday, February 5, 2007

Today's Challenge...Snowman!

Monday's will be challenge days. You will have until Friday to complete the challenge. Email me, with an attachment of your finished project, and I will choose a winner. The winner and the project will be featured on my blog on Saturday!
The challenge...should you choose to accept it...
-Theme: Snowmen
-Medium: either card or scrapbook page
-Vender restrictions: None
-Create a card or scrapbook page using the theme Snowmen. (Scrapbook page must contain the word Snowman somewhere on the page...either in title, quote or journalling.
Have fun!


Kataroo said...

Awesome idea!!!!!!! I know barb has a cool kI snowman LO.

michelle sturgeon said...

Looking foreward to see what you come up with, Katie!

Mellisa said...

Hmmmmmm - I am pretty busy this week so maybe Friday after work? What is the time deadline?? This has my creative mind flowing!!

michelle sturgeon said...

Friday night is the deadline, so I can post the winning entry on Saturday!

Barbara said...

What a great idea, Michelle. I don't know if I will have time this week to get to this, but I will definately be checking out your future challenges.