Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Where's The Kitten?

While power-walking last night, I came upon a female kitten in heat. She is a confirmed stray. In fact, she is the one my friend Jill tried to talk me into keeping a couple of months ago. She is a GORGEOUS, althogh very skinny, tortoise shell somewhere between 8 months and 1 year old. Well, Jill has 3 cats and cannot take another, and financially, we really can't take another, but Jill offerered to help pay initial vet costs (spaying and shots)...SO-O-O-O...I said I'd take her home.
Well, it was a rough night. Neither our cats, nor the New Kitten, were happy. New Kitten wanted DESPERATELY to go outside. And this morning, when someone opened the door, she BOLTED! The kids and I took a walk around the neighborhood looking for her, and Jill is also keeping her eyes and ears open. Even if we can get her into the vet at least, before she gets pregnant.
I'll have another look tonight before I head out to chemistry class. Hopefully she's OK.


Swamp Tulip said...

Oh I hope she comes back. She should realize she's giving up a loving home and find her way back!

Barbara said...

what a wonderful thing for you to be doing ... watching out for a stray like that. I hope you find her.

Colleen Schaan said...

what a kind thing to do...I hope you can find her and get her fixed anyway...poor baby!